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Life at Dudeme

We're a small team in India, with a shared passion of design, technology and marketing we make the impossible > possible. We love sarcasm, we play, have fun, drink a lot of coffee.

Few Amazing Benefits of working at Dudeme


  • Work remotely from any corner of the world. Your home? Beach? Coffee Shop? On the roads! We don't care! 
  • We usually play games every day, you wouldn't want to miss it!
  • Regular meet ups with the team - we meet at least once every quarter for a fun filled weekend!
  • Generous profit share - We work together! Why not share the profit together.
  • Competitive Salary and WFH perks.

Whats our business?

  • Dudeme gives better apparel products to customers with premium quality at a cheaper price. In India, most of the customers of any product or brand pay a higher price which includes a lot of middleman & distribution cost and this makes the products being high priced
  • Consumers don't need to walk-in for retail shops to purchase clothing & accessories. Eg: In a tough time like Covid-19 pandemic consumers can't walk into stores and buy necessary clothing.
  • We provide Customised fashion solutions to the customers by putting a lot of time and effort on market analysis and customer persona research using data as a key decision making factor.
  • We facilitate easy shopping experience by taking orders online and delivering the products to their door-step
  • Since we are directly selling to the consumers, we can eliminate lots of distribution and middlemen cost & such savings can help us in giving premium products at a lesser price to the consumers
  • 4. All our business decisions are data-centric and we invest a lot of time/money on data to give the best for our stakeholders
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C) Model is the main uniqueness of our solution, we focus on fulfilling the needs of the end-user of products & we do it online, users can easily browse across our collections of products and place orders easily through our well designed & optimised website. Customers can also pay using secured payment and get their products delivered to their door-step
  • We provide interest-based & customised clothing solutions online. Customers can place an order on any unique design they prefer.