Get The Trend From Your Closet

Facing real-life dilemmas on what to pair and how to? Apparently, few of the fashion brands and online stores attempt to help their customers here.
Pondering on what "comfort" fit can mean.

To help you through this fashion journey, we've made an anthology of how to style your geek tees for varying occasions

Hanging out with the guys?

Geek tees are an easy go-to, especially with digital printing on them adds more swag. To enhance the T-shirt's attitude, pair it up with bermuda shorts and crocs clogs.

Workout style
Show off your geekiness by pairing it with solid workout shorts and a baseball cap. Rub up the rugged yet geeky look with a pair of running shoes or sneakers.

Casual cool
An expected or unexpected perk of wearing a geek tee is to register a statement through print and be a chill pill. Polish the look with a pair of sweatpants. Slip into slides to complete the look. Add on accessories like feed bags(sacks) will accentuate the look.

Are you up for a holiday?! Be it a beach or a mountain; one can pull the look off by pairing the tee with convertible hiking pants or swim trunks to experience an easy-breezy feel-good summer. Fanny packs finally add comfort and charm to your holiday look.

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